TeeJet XP BoomJet - Boomless Flat Spray Nozzles

The XP BoomJet boomless flat spray nozzles feature a unique orifice geometry to produce a wide spray pattern while maintaining superior distribution across entire width. The pre-orifice design maintains drift. Sprays an extra-wide spray pattern, up to 18.5 feet (5.5 meters) using a single nozzle. Removable polymer pre-orifice with acetal construction for excellent chemical resistance. Position tip horizontal to ground with spray pattern down and to the side. Ideal boomless field spray applications for roadside and right-of-way, row spraying, orchard spraying, de-icing and forestry. Recommended spray range: 20-60 PSI (1.5-4 bar). MPT spreads for easy application. Visi-Flo poly.
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