Sanitary Liner System

Eliminate water cooler contamination concern by using disposable plastic liners with attached sanitary-wrapped spigot tube for 5 or 10 gallon coolers. Water coolers stay clean because water never touches cooler interior or spigot. Use ice in liners for cool drinks or place hot packs between liner and cooler for hot liquids. Conversion of existing coolers and daily fill is fast and convenient. Nylon closure ties included. Lockable lid tether, available. Locks sold separately. Box of 50 liners. Preparation: Thoroughly clean cooler. Replace original push button spigot with Valve Handle Spigot, sold separately. Daily Use: Place liner bag into cooler. Open spigot. Thread hose tube through spigot. Close spigot. Trim hose to 2" beyond spigot opening. Add drinking water and ice to bag. Secure with nylon tie. Close cooler. Ready to use!
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