Tray Cable

Type Tray Cable - This type of cable is widely used on large projects such as golf courses, parks, schools, commercial and industrial sites, cemeteries, etc., because of its ease of installation and toughness at a reasonable price. Available from 14 AWG/3c up to 4/0 AWG/3c. Detailed color code requirements are available from the American Society of Irrigation Consultants, ASIC Guideline 102-2004 (, "Design Guides".) All branch circuit power cables shall be type Tray Cable. They are to be UL listed for direct burial, and rated at 600 volts. The cable shall include "three conductors" (for 120 or 240 volt circuits.) The inner copper conductors shall be insulated with high dielectric PVC and Nylon. The outer jacket will be black PVC and is to be sunlight resistant. The inner conductors are colored (usually blue, red and black) or numbered (1, 2, and 3.) Inner conductors shall be color-coded at every splice and termination using Vinyl Electrical Color Coding Tape (3M #35) to National Electrical Code® and electrical industry standards.
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